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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Web 2.0 Newbies

Today we are going to show you a few new Web 2.0 tools that you will surely want to try, Voki, Skrbl, and VoiceThread.

Working with my colleague, Linda, we found this incredible use of page flakes from the Tarrytown schools -

Teachers have created class pages using RSS technology and a few very fun Web 2.0 plug ins to make them interesting, contemporary, relevant and yes -- fun!

My favorite right now is an application called voki, where you can create a talking avatar, easily. You can design their look and feel, add a background from a vast variety of themes and record your, or someone else's voice to personalize the message.

Check out voki at

Another favorite Linda is playing with is called Voice Thread. In this free application users add images and record voice narration, using a micro phone and computer recorder or telephone for to add comments and messages enhancing the meaning of the still or video image. We thought DBQ responses might be a good use as well as narrated short stories. There are many free examples on the site and it is free. You can use a We are still experimenting with this one, take a look for yourself at;

Here is a simple, easy drawing tool that we like just because it is so simple. For those of us that have spent decades teaching and using applications such as Hyperstudio and Kid Pix, which not a full blown replacement, this may simplify and/or enhance some of the more tradition uses. This application called scribble (skrbl) allows user to easily create simple drawing that can then be downloaded as image files, saved as html, emailed to teachers or peers, or saved on the skrbl account.

Check out more about classroom uses of Web 2.0 tools and how it can be used to differentiate your classroom at the NYSCATE Metro conference in May.