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Thursday, October 23, 2008

U Stream TV

Check out UStream TV - Live from Model Schools!

Ustream TV is a streamed video service over the Internet that is FREE and provides the ability to record live events or recorded events using an inexpensive web cam, cell phone, and a computer with Internet connectivity.

The recorded clips will show when we are "Off the Air". When we are on the air you will see a live stream from the event or session we are hosting. As new innovation in educational technology we will continue to unpack it and explore the relevance and implications for K-12 education.

Feel free to subscribe to this blog using the link on the right of the page, to receive updates to posts and scheduled UStream TV events.

For more information about UStream TV visit the website at or call Sarah Martabano at the LHRIC (914) 592-4203 x3411.

Enjoy the Show!

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