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Friday, March 13, 2009

Digital Storytelling: An Academic Process: Really!

Marcos Torres 11:20-12:20PM

This is my first time hearing Marcos – and in the first 5 minutes I’m enamored by his warmth and passion for life and what he does. Currently he is sharing with us a video of his children going to bed and as I look around the conference hall I see smiles as we all in the audience are reminded of why we do what we do. He does what he does so that they (students) come back tomorrow. “Kids love to learn, but school gets in the way-sometimes.”

He encourages teachers to start with “something” in technology and go with it. He related that George Lucas does not really use technology in fact he doesn’t email.

Problems with Digital Storytelling in Schools – they spend a lot of time editing video or they spend a great deal of time writing and little on the video end. Schools need to work on collaborating and integrating these programs more effectively.

4 P’s of Storytelling
Plan – use mind maps, drawings, writing.; sometimes not digital. Students spend a majority of time in this part of storytelling.. Uses inspiration to brainstorm, categorize and organize the content and he believes this is the fundamental building block of movie making. Visually the students begin to see how they would write their story, song, poem,video, etc. They know how many sections, paragraphs, verses to produce and b/c the technology allows us to drag and drop students can then quantify the most important to least important.
Produce – use something as simple as Power Point to movie making
Present – to the class, the school, district, community possibly the world

Have students write about what they are interested in. It makes the video capturing, editing that much more essential and real.

My reflection on Marcos – he inspires, he promotes, he is humble and he believes education is THE most important profession. He wants to be part of the change and he wants to move students toward a better tomorrow. So my questions to you – teachers, building administrators, superintendents, directors of technology, teachers – what is your story? How are you going to write and digitize your BOLD statement? Can these stories start with us first?

RESOURCES - presenter’s presentation
Inspiration – - concept mapping
Live Scribe – notebooks and pens for creation – website for teachers to ask questions about digital storytelling.


The Lower Hudson Regional Information Center said...

This is an inspiring presentation and concept. I loved the idea of using Inspiration as a way to plan, and the emphasis on planning. Everyone has a story worth telling, organizing it can be the game stopper for many. Using visual tools such as Inspiration to plan make it possible to map out the elements in a way that make sense.

Every student can help capture the stories of the people they meet on a daily basis, use inspiration to plan and organize the process. The custodians, teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers, deli and pizza shop owners. Project management, planning, writing, outlining, sequencing, collaboration - the learning is almost accidental from the student perspective with these project.

Wow - how powerful!

jdesimone said...

Whats important is that he gave us the how to's . So many times I would see a great presentation but I wouldn't know how to replicate it. Now I know how. Thank you